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Media Center

The mission of our Library Media Center is to support the learning process by providing a wide range of resources that will give students an opportunity to achieve academic success. We assist students, teachers, and staff in becoming effective users of information, foster a love of reading, and partner with teachers to teach information literacy skills. Students visit the library with their ELA or other content area classes. 

We house over 10,000 titles, including fiction and nonfiction books, e-books, audio books, professional books, online databases, and reference materials available for students and staff. They are also welcome to visit on an individual basis throughout each day with teacher permission. The Library Media Center is always a fun place to be!



Library Policies & Procedures

  • The library is open from 7:00 AM–3:00 PM daily.
  • The library operates on a flexible schedule, meaning that teachers may sign up to bring their classes for book checkout, research, or other academic needs. Students are able to come to the library throughout the day as needed.
  • During study hall, the library is open for students who need a place to read, study, or research. Students must have permission from their teacher to come during study hall.
  • If a student needs to come to the library during class time, he/she must have a pass from the teacher.
  • There are laptops and Chromebooks available for students to use in the library. There is a library printer for student use. The printer is for school related documents only.
  • Books are checked out for 3 weeks. Lost or damaged textbooks and/or library fines must be paid by the end of each school year.

Parent Resources 


gms librarians

Mrs. Oldham and Ms. Spain work together to make the library a welcoming place for students. We look forward to your next trip to the GMS Library Media Center!

Librarian: Mrs. Susan Oldham 

(615) 472-4504